Topographic surveys

Tracciatori uses topographic surveys in different fields:

  • Surveys of mines, landfills, basin, road construction sides, tunnel and for every structure where it’s necesssry a tracing or an accounting quantification for works.
  • Topographic surveys for book-keeping of a construction side.
  • Topographic surveys forcartography, both for quoted points and contours; restitutions of longitudinal profiles, transverse sections,tridimensional models of the ground, etc.
  • Specific surveys, as bathymetry to study river or basin bottoms.
  • Tracing for hydroelectric basin, airports, funicolar railways, electric lines, galleries, bridges, streets, railway and underground lines etc.
  • Instrumental surveys for topographic assistance in construction side. Our service is about preliminary tests and also periodic surveys necessary to trace plans of buildings, scarpes etc.
  • Tridimensional restitution for engineering and architecture’s studies. We can elaborate informations and we can do final rendering.
  • Surveys, elaboration of facts and restitution for planning of inners.
  • Surveys of buildings with creation of sections, descriptions and plans.
  • Surveys to test and monitoring of structures.
  • Surveys to test uprightness and stability.
  • Surveys and tracing to position metal and industrial structures.
  • Surveys of buildings for planning and for creation of continuous facades.