Surveys with laser scanner in restoration

Survey to restore made with technology laser scanner. Before a process of restoration, it’s important to do a survey that examine materials,inner structures, foundations; we have to identify instability reasons or architectonic decay in order to remove them with restoration works. Decay causes may be climatic (wind, rains, temperatures), atmospheric (dusts and polluting gas), biological, physical-chemical (oxidation, etc.), mechanical or geological.

We do, also, other surveys in according to identify all the transformations: drawings, photos or documents that can show all changes for natural causes or for restoration realized earlier.

Executive project of survey concern a second phase:

  • General Report ;
  • Historical report;
  • Technical file (materials, decay causes);
  • Report of examination and diagnosis;
  • Survey’s drawings;
  • Specific report (laboratory tests, photos, etc.);
  • Report about prices and quantity;
  • Planning of the time to realize our works.