Surveys with air drones

We use drones to realize detailed surveys and in this way we can return surveys with more precision. We use VTOL type (take-off vehicles and vertical landing). We can do precise aerophotogrammetic survey with less photoshots,and we can have a good control of drone.

Restitution of survey permits to realize clouds of points with 3D visions and take plans and sections.

How we can use drones:

We use Drone VTOL system that permits archeologico survey, achitectonic structures in according to realize orthophoto and we realize also geomorphologic tests (landslides, riverbed, etc.) .

Another use of Drone is a landsurvey with a camera NIR for restitution of maps read by a forestal technician and an agronomist for a water test.

Our drones have HD camera that takes photo until 20 MPX with Zeiss coloured optics calibrated in laboratory.

APR System (SAPR) SF6 - SKYROBOTIC in Terni