Laser scanner, instruments for surveys and drones

Tracciatori only use modern instrumentations and high-tech,in order to realize the best work possible:

  • Total Stations Leica n°10, series 1100, 1200, TS 12;
  • Total Robotics Stations Geomax n°3, series Zoom 80 1'';
  • Trimble n°1;
  • Digital Levels Leica n°2;
  • Optical Levels Leica n°4;
  • GPS Leica RX1250 n°2;
  • GPS Geomax Zenith 25 pro 4 n°5;
  • APR System (SAPR) SF6;
  • Z+F imager 5006h n° 1: Compact Laser Scanner, phased-based, Double Axis Survey, high speed with precision for slopes’ survey and completed field of view;
  • Laser Scanner Leica HDS 6100 n°1;
  • Many necessary accessories to realize the best survey’s operations and tracing.

Same Instrumentations are calibrated in certified Laboratories, as enclosured certificates. During the drafting stage and surveys restitution and tracing we use specific software.